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These cleantech startups were selected for our 2021 – 2022 accelerator

Check our line up for the 2021-2022 accelerator programme! On…
30 April 2021/by Rianne Croes
DemoDay 12-4-21

Programme 2020-2021 closes with original DemoDay

What a year it was for our 2020-2021 startups. In spite of the…
13 April 2021/by Rianne Croes

April 19th pitch event for candidate startups

On April 19th 2021 in the afternoon the pitch event for candidate…
12 April 2021/by Rianne Croes

April 12th BeStart DemoDay – end pitch startups 2020-2021

On April 12th from 7.30 – 9.00 pm we will organise another…
30 March 2021/by Rianne Croes
Itika and Lindey

Dungse receives SEED Money Project fund

25 March 2021/by Rianne Croes
Itika Gupta - Dungse

If you dream of some result in the future, you have to start working on it today

Last Monday, we had the first session 2021 with our cleantech…
21 January 2021/by Rianne Croes

Register your startup on monday April 12th at last

Do you have a sustainable startup? Are you seeking help to find…
23 December 2020/by Rianne Croes
Online DemoDay 16 november 2020

Watch the DemoDay pitch videos 🍃

We had an excellent DemoDay last Monday with sparkling product…
17 November 2020/by Rianne Croes

Monday November 16th: online DemoDay

Would you like to be the first to know which innovations our…
19 October 2020/by Rianne Croes
SG Paperttronics, credit NV NOM

Big investment for SG Papertronics after switch to beer market

Photo credits: NV NOM

Our alumnus SG Papertronics will receive…
6 October 2020/by Rianne Croes

Greatwaves stops cleantech product to focus on core strength

At the end of the BeStart programme in 2019-2020, Wouter Zijlstra…
28 May 2020/by Rianne Croes
Pyrolyze machine voor afvalmotorolie

Pyrolyze converts waste plastic and waste motor oil on site to new raw materials

As a child he wanted to be an astronaut, but that was not a…
25 May 2020/by Rianne Croes

BeStart results since 2016

These numbers really make us proud. Since 2016 our startups…
7 May 2020/by Rianne Croes

A healthy breakfast on the go. This is Eatcup!

Product developer Jelte Steur quit his job at Pezy to focus…
5 May 2020/by Rianne Croes
Itika and Lindey

Cow dung is more than poop: meet the Dungse team

How cool would it be to make new useful stuff out of cow poop?…
28 April 2020/by Rianne Croes
Jury op het beeldscherm

9 cleantech startups selected four our 2020 – 2021 accelerator

Our lineup four the 2020 - 2021 programme is final! During the…
27 March 2020/by Rianne Croes
Online pitchen

March 26th Startup selection day for 2020 – 2021

Thursday March 26th, we will select the cleantech startups that…
19 March 2020/by Rianne Croes
verdrietige hond

DemoDay 16 March cancelled due to Corona virus

Due to the Corona virus, we have decided to postpone next week's…
9 March 2020/by Rianne Croes

Podcast Let’s talk business: cleantech startup succes from 1st hand

Thursday Januari 23 Rudy Dijkstra, Martin Tietema and Ronald…
30 January 2020/by Rianne Croes
Wouter met mondkapje

BeStart worksession January 20th: demo at recycling station Omrin

Monday January 20th our startups had their worksession at Omrin…
30 January 2020/by Rianne Croes
Biosintrum Oosterwolde

Save the date! Monday March 16th BeStart DemoDay

On Monday March 16th we will have another DemoDay. The final…
16 January 2020/by Rianne Croes
De groep deelnemers bij BeStart werksessie

BeStart Check worksession 18 november: Agile, scrum and loads of passion

Last monday November 18th we had our first Check work session…
21 November 2019/by Rianne Croes