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Do you have a sustainable startup? Are you seeking help to find…
23 December 2020/by Rianne Croes
Online DemoDay 16 november 2020

Watch the DemoDay pitch videos 🍃

We had an excellent DemoDay last Monday with sparkling product…
17 November 2020/by Rianne Croes

Monday November 16th: online DemoDay

Would you like to be the first to know which innovations our…
19 October 2020/by Rianne Croes
SG Paperttronics, credit NV NOM

Big investment for SG Papertronics after switch to beer market

Photo credits: NV NOM

Our alumnus SG Papertronics will receive…
6 October 2020/by Rianne Croes

Greatwaves stops cleantech product to focus on core strength

At the end of the BeStart programme in 2019-2020, Wouter Zijlstra…
28 May 2020/by Rianne Croes
Pyrolyze machine voor afvalmotorolie

Pyrolyze converts waste plastic and waste motor oil on site to new raw materials

As a child he wanted to be an astronaut, but that was not a…
25 May 2020/by Rianne Croes

BeStart results since 2016

These numbers really make us proud. Since 2016 our startups…
7 May 2020/by Rianne Croes

A healthy breakfast on the go. This is Eatcup!

Product developer Jelte Steur quit his job at Pezy to focus…
5 May 2020/by Rianne Croes
Itika and Lindey

Cow dung is more than poop: meet the Dungse team

How cool would it be to make new useful stuff out of cow poop?…
28 April 2020/by Rianne Croes
Jury op het beeldscherm

9 cleantech startups selected four our 2020 – 2021 accelerator

Our lineup four the 2020 - 2021 programme is final! During the…
27 March 2020/by Rianne Croes
Online pitchen

March 26th Startup selection day for 2020 – 2021

Thursday March 26th, we will select the cleantech startups that…
19 March 2020/by Rianne Croes
verdrietige hond

DemoDay 16 March cancelled due to Corona virus

Due to the Corona virus, we have decided to postpone next week's…
9 March 2020/by Rianne Croes

Podcast Let’s talk business: cleantech startup succes from 1st hand

Thursday Januari 23 Rudy Dijkstra, Martin Tietema and Ronald…
30 January 2020/by Rianne Croes
Wouter met mondkapje

BeStart worksession January 20th: demo at recycling station Omrin

Monday January 20th our startups had their worksession at Omrin…
30 January 2020/by Rianne Croes
Biosintrum Oosterwolde

Save the date! Monday March 16th BeStart DemoDay

On Monday March 16th we will have another DemoDay. The final…
16 January 2020/by Rianne Croes
De groep deelnemers bij BeStart werksessie

BeStart Check worksession 18 november: Agile, scrum and loads of passion

Last monday November 18th we had our first Check work session…
21 November 2019/by Rianne Croes