A healthy breakfast on the go. This is Eatcup!

Product developer Jelte Steur quit his job at Pezy to focus on a product he really believes in: Eatcup. But what is Eatcup anyway and how did this idea come to life? You can read all about it in this interview with Jelte.

What is Eatcup?

‘Eatcup helps people enjoy their own breakfast on the go, for when they don’t have time at home, for example in the morning. It is a cup you can eat from because the food is pushed up to the top where you can take a bite. It is just as easy as sipping coffee, but then with your own homemade muesli or granola. In a video on my new website I show how it works.’

How does Eatcup contribute to a cleaner world?

Eatcup prevents the use of single-use-packaging of for example granola-bars and drink-yoghurts. And because people can prepare their own healthy food, they can also choose for organic and locally grown food.

That will also save money spent at the train station. Where did you get this idea?

‘In my job as a product developer with Philips, I got an itch after a while. How much better is the world going to be with this new shaver? I looked around for relevant problems or product that I felt would make this world a better place.

One Saturday morning my wife said: “I love this muesli and it is healthy, too bad I don’t have time during the week to eat it. I always leave so early, that I end up eating a sandwich in the car.” At that moment I clicked: That is a relevant problem I would love to solve! It was on Christmas eve when I tinkered with an old pump for an air mattress, to test whether I could push muesli upwards with a plunger and easily eat from the top. And it worked! Now, a couple of years later, I have a working prototype that can be used with one hand, is easy to clean and also looks good!’

What is your ambition, and your biggest challenge of the moment?

‘I have a few working prototypes that have been tested over a long time. Technically it is possible. Now I have to investigate if I can build a business. Can it be manufactured in series? Is it economically viable? This year I want to create a pilot series and sell it to answer these questions. Next up is the strategic question with whom I can and want to scale this. The BeStart accelerator fits this development perfectly, both for my company and for myself as an entrepreneur.’

What have you experienced so far in the BeStart accelerator?

‘The intention alone to join, and the starting up of the process already has had an impact. Setting goals and sparring with coaches has sharpened what I do and how I approach it. And the real program has yet to get started! The exposure after the announcement of my selection for the programme was an additional push I needed to get my website in order. Now I finally have a place where I can explain how Eatcup works and where people can sign up for the pilot launch. So if you are thinking: a healthy and calm breakfast on the go is something for me: sign up on

Well done. What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

‘If you are talking about BeStart: actually meeting the coaches and other participants. I have looked at a few websites and it is exciting to note the diversity of the participants especially. The most important aspect is meeting each other in person and hopefully we can do that in May and June and really get started.’

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Jelte Steur

Jelte Steur