Online DemoDay 16 november 2020

Watch the DemoDay pitch videos 🍃

We had an excellent DemoDay last Monday with sparkling product pitches, sharp questions and a lot of useful advice from the network. Our startups are very enthousiastic about the support they received.

Below you will find their pitch video and most important question. Do you have a useful tip to help them further? Their contact details are just one mouse click away!

Cleantech startup pitches


Optimises maintenance and provides realtime insight into the quality of the green open space by developing and applying sensor based technology. | 06-14032246 | | 06-29567825 |


Dungse is a material design and innovation company that works with cow dung as its base raw material. Their composites are not very different from their counterparts like concrete, wood and even ceramics, but much lighter. They can be used for isolation, acoustics and hydrofobic applications. | 06-15829833 | | +91 98860 41313 |


Tokenized platform for sharing local generated energy. We believe that this platform can change the energy transition in a way that more people can participate. | 06-18685957 | | 06-45981365 |


A unique solution to enjoy your own spoonable food on the go. | 06-19324020 |


Biological sustainable sulfur solution as a fertilizer that helps farmers with obtaining a greater yield and a resilient and better tasting crop. | 06-13262669 |


The WASTED app helps users who want to fight plastic pollution by rewarding plastic free actions with discounts on sustainable brands. | 06-15499815 |


Mobile pyrolysis installation to extract low sulfur diesel, nafta and gas from waste plastics. | 06-28845402 |