DemoDay 12-4-21

Programme 2020-2021 closes with original DemoDay

What a year it was for our 2020-2021 startups. In spite of the Corona19 setback, which made not only meeting each other more difficult, but also made growing their businesses even harder than it already is, they persevered and kept on working on making this world a cleaner place. So a big shoutout to Dungse, Eatcup, Fertipaq, Powerchainger, Pyrolyze, Sensoty and Wasted!

Concerned cleantech network

The DemoDay on April 12th was a special one. Using a new online tool called, not only the startups had the opportunity to learn. The visitors had to make their way to dedicated startup rooms, where they could meet the founders, spar with them about their most pressing questions, but also talk to each other as if they were meeting each other again after a long time. This led to inspiring and sometimes also hilarious moments. Thanks to our concerned cleantech network for the never ending support to our startups!

Although we let our 2020-2021 batch go as alumni, this doesn’t really mean goodbye. We’ll follow their growth and keep you posted through our social channels and newsletter below on this page.

Looking forward to the 2021-2022 startups

It is almost time for the 6th BeStart year to start. On April 19th we will have a closed event for the candidate startups, from which a jury will chose the most suitable ones for our 2021-2022 accelerator. If you like us to keep you posted, please subscribe to our newsletter below.