April 12th BeStart DemoDay – end pitch startups 2020-2021

On April 12th from 7.30 – 9.00 pm we will organise another BeStart DemoDay. This DemoDay is the closing event for this year’s clean tech startups who have participated in our BeStart Accelerator. This is also an opportunity for you to give them a final boost and help them with their most pressing questions. We would love to see you there!

This is how it works

Let us know via this registration form which startups you would like to support. Which startups can you give a final boost with your experience, expertise and possibly your network?

The DemoDay will start with a short introduction, after which you can visit and support these startups in their own virtual space. You will also have the opportunity to mingle with other participants as you can take a virtual walk and chat with other attendants.

You can check out below what kind of support the startups can use. Please let us know which startups (max 3) you would like to support.

Startups and their questions

Dungse – develops new and sustainable materials from cow dung

We are looking for an investor who wants to support us on a financial level and with a network in sustainable solutions.

Eatcup – unique solution to enjoy your food on the go

I am looking for a business coach who can help me to grow further as an entrepeneur and help my business expand.

Fertipaq – organic sulfur as a fertilizer to help farmers obtaining a better yield and a better tasting, more resilient crop

I am looking for inspiration on how to expand my B2B model to consumers.

Powerchainger – smart platform for sharing locally generated power. We believe this platform can change energy transition so more people can participate.

We are looking for new ideas to determine and develop our viability and our business case.

Pyrolyze – the mobile pyrolysis installation extracts low sulfur diesel, nafta and gas from plastic waste

We are looking for launching customers, e.g. companies that produce large quantities of (plastic) waste.

Sensoty: optimises maintenance of, and provides realtime insight into the quality of the public green space by developing and applying sensor based tech

Looking for ideas on whether and how to let our business grow by in house or collaborative options.

Wasted: The wasted app helps users who want to tackle plastic pollution by rewarding plastic free actions with discounts on sustainable brands

We are looking for a business to test our B2B approach to reduce plastic consumption.

Attend the demoday:

  • when you’re sympathetic to clean tech, the circular economy and innovation in our region;
  • if you’re willing to help our region’s innovators by sharing your network and brainpower;
  • to visit the startups of your choice;
  • to get to know another online communication tool besides Zoom, Teams or Skype: we will be meeting each other in Wonder.me;
  • if you want to meet likeminded people in a relaxed network setting.