Register your startup on monday April 12th at last

Do you have a sustainable startup? Are you seeking help to find the right market and build up your company in a proper way? Register for the BeStart accelerator before April 12th! In May 2021 we will start a new programme.

Why participate?

  • You become a part of our strong cleantech network in the North of the Netherlands with investors, financials, launching customers and experienced entrepeneurs who want to help your innovation succeed.
  • There is plenty of room for your company in the North of the Netherlands. You will get access to testlabs to validate your technology, the housing is affordable and everything oozes circularity here.
  • We will provide you with relevant training, individual coaching, and help with your business model. Also you will be able to spar with other startups in more or less the same situation as you.
  • The BeStart programme is free of charge thanks to our founders: Ecommunity Park, WaterCampus Leeuwarden, Paques BV and Omrin. And our financials: Provincie Fryslan, PPS Biobased Economy, Innofest and FB Oranjewoud.

For whom?

We focus on cleantech companies (environment, watersupply, circulary, energy saving) in the North of the Netherlands and also on companies who want to expand their business to our region. Check the opportunities of our region in this Founded in Friesland video!

Source: Founded in Friesland, Klant in Zicht, Ramon Hoogerhuis

Check your business

In the programme you will check in high speed whether your business concept is viable. We help you focus on the most pressing matters and think about the marketing of your product. What is your business model? How are you going to make a living? What are the features of your beach head market? How do customers, financials, suppliers and other partners react to your idea? What legislation, financial circumstances and organizational challenges will play a role as you start to grow? Together we will look for the perfect product market fit.

What do we expect from you?

Allthough the programme is free of charge, there are some conditions concerning your participation. The most important is that we expect 100% of your effort: for your company, the other partipants and the cleantech network in the North of the Netherlands.

Who can participate?

  • Your idea, product or service is scaleable and contributes to a cleaner world;
  • You have a prototype;
  • You found a product market fit or a launching customer;
  • You are a go-getter, committed and you have (preferably) a team around you;
  • There is a clear match between your business and the clean tech network in the North of the Netherlands.


Register before April 12th! After an initial screening you will be invited to pitch for a representation of our network. When you get selected, you will participate in the accelerator starting Spring of 2021!

With BeStart there is always this fire behind you, pushing you to turn your visions into actions. There are no excuses. Just go!

Itika Gupta, Dungse, PArticipant in 2020

Download the brochure for startups