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New pilot projects and substantial growth for Greencovery

BeStart participant Greencovery is growing! After moving into their new office they will soon start two new projects to valorize side streams for food companies. CEO Carlos Cabrera elaborates on these new developments.

“At Greencovery we enable leading food companies to produce sustainable ingredients from their production side-streams. We can identify the valuable compounds in your plant’s side-streams and help you reduce CO2-emissions. Our first applications recover organic acids and amino acids from side- streams and upcycle them to flavours, fragances and supplements. This is exactly what we are going to do in our next projects.”

The first sustainable circular flavours

We started a pilot project for one of our customers under a European Food2020 project. Our Process Development Engineer, Paco Caparros, PDEng, is in charge of bringing this project to the next level. The goal with this pilot project is to create samples of the upcycled pear natural ester flavour. These samples are the first sustainable circular flavours produced.

Closer to a zero-discharge production

In October, we are upcycling a valuable ingredient from a new customer’s side-stream, helping them to valorize their side-streams and come closer to a zero-discharge production plant. This project is going to be executed by our new colleague Joana Leiros. Joana is starting as Process Development Engineer this month. Joana has a technical background and recently finished her PDEng at TU Delft.

Keep in contact with enthusiastic students in our new office

In September we moved into our new office at StartHub Wageningen. Our new location is bringing together the team members under one roof and keep us in contact with enthusiastic students that want to contribute to circular solutions. In the last 4 months, our team has grown with the incorporation of our co-founder and Commercial Director Juan Cajiao. Juan brings >10 years of experience leading teams in technology companies as Head of Growth, Commercial Manager and Business Leader at Procter and Gamble, Ericsson and Maersk. At Greencovery, Juan focuses on customer acquisition and supply chain management.

Want to work together?

We are looking for interns that want to contribute to our growth in the technical and marketing areas. And please reach out if you want to become a partner or want to upcycle one of your company’s side-streams.

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Carlos Cabrera
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